18 November 2008

THES - QS University Rankings for 2008

The rankings for this year have been published and the entire rankings and a lot of useful information about the institutions that made the list can easily be accessed starting at the Rankings homepage:


Complete rankings:


Top 100:


Universities in Japan that made the global top 100 rankings:

19 University of TOKYO Japan
25 KYOTO University Japan
44 OSAKA University Japan
61 TOKYO Institute of Technology Japan

Top technology institutions:


Technology institutions in Japan that made the global technology top 100:

9 University of TOKYO Japan 67.4
21 TOKYO Institute of Technology Japan 57.0
22 KYOTO University Japan 56.8
49 OSAKA University Japan 42.3
98 TOHOKU University Japan 32.7

Summary of the results from a Japan higher education perspective.

Todai slipped back a bit. Perhaps Kyodai's rankings are too low considering its Nobel winners this year. Tokyo Institue of Technology continues to be a fast riser.

International Comparison of Academic Salaries: An Exploratory Study

The Boston College's Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) has announced the online publication of a report, "International Comparison of Academic Salaries: An Exploratory Study". Download the report at the link below (clicking on the link may open the pdf in your browser, which you can then save by selecting the save feature of the Adobe Reader plug-in, or you can download it as a pdf to your computer by 'right-clicking' mouse and selecting 'save link' or 'save link as'):


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