22 December 2008

Online Education Database (OEDb) and Online Rankings

The future of institutional and program accreditation and certification must encompass specialization, internationalization, and on-line delivery. For example, for better quality in distance learning degrees delivered largely over the internet, students needs better guarantees of the quality and validity of the content in terms of the academic or technical speciality, global standards and effective use of internet-driven communication technologies.

The Online Education Database (OEDb) focuses on accredited institutions and the programs and degrees they offer over the internet. These are mostly American universities and colleges, but at least some are attempting to educate people who do not reside in the US.

The OEDb will be listed at the Japan HEO Blog as a permanent entry under "HE and Japan HE Rankings, Directories, Listings, Databases, Etc." (on the left side of the blog's homepage) and watched for future developments.


Welcome to the Online Education Database. OEDb currently contains reviews of 1,082 programs from 87 accredited online colleges. Unlike other leading online education directories, our database only lists accredited online colleges so that you can be sure that these degrees will be respected by potential employers. Our database allows you to sort reviews by program, college, or degree level. Our library section will educate you on the basics of online universities.

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