03 April 2009

Specialized, social, semantic search

The Japan HEO Blog is well-served for search. First, there is the Blogger search tool at the very top. And then there is a sponsored search box from Google, and a specialized Google search box further down the page.

However, I also created a specialized, social and semantic search tool using Eurekster. This is to help users of the Japan HEO Blog to do searches that are related to the topics covered at this blog. Please consider adding this search tool to your own Japan-related or HE-related sites.

You can see what the search tool/widget looks like on the left side of this blog's front page.

You can also use the search engine at the page below:


You can grab the widget as code at this page below:


To find other already-created swickis, search this directory:


Or try creating your own Web 2.0-ready search tool:


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