13 August 2009


It doesn't challenge the petaflop barrier, and perhaps some will be surprised that Japan's most powerful supercomputer only ranks at 34th in the world.

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>>RIKEN's New Cluster of Clusters
August 12, 2009

By Matthew Dublin

Japan's RIKEN Institute has rolled out a new supercomputer called the RIKEN Cluster of Clusters (RICC) thanks in large part to Fujitsu, which deployed the new machine. The RICC is capable of 97.94 teraflops performance -- making it the country's most powerful to date and 34th worldwide, according to the Top500 list. (And no, we're not forgetting about RIKEN's MDGRAPE-3, the first computer to break the petaflop barrier back in 2006, but unfortunately it is not included in the Top500 due to its specialized architecture which cannot run the requisite benchmarking software.) The High-Performance Molecular Simulation Team uses MDGRAPE-3 for intensive large-scale molecular dynamics simulations, including simulations of RNA Polymerase II and protein-protein interactions.<<

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