25 November 2009

Megumi Ogawa's appeal denied

Since when are judges competent to decide who is and who is not competent to stand trial?
Australia continues its racist ways.



>> However, the Court of Appeal in Brisbane on Tuesday unanimously dismissed the appeal against Ogawa's harassment offences.

The Court of Appeal also refused to allow Ogawa leave to appeal her contempt offence.

In his judgment, Justice Patrick Keane said there was ample evidence justifying Ogawa was a "humbug".

"His Honour was, of course, firmly of the view that the appellant's mental state was such that she was capable of participating in the trial had she chosen to do so," he said.

"On this view, what is said to be the product of an unsoundness of mind can be seen to be the conduct of a contumacious litigant in defiance of the authority of the court."

As Ogawa had been released on bail, a warrant has now been issued for her arrest and she has 38 days left to serve in her prison sentence. << end of excerpt

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