27 December 2009

New issue of SLEID (online journal on HE-related topics)



Articles and links to them:

Children's wonder-initiated research: a primary school case study
Shelley A Kinash and Michelle Hoffman

Using Likert Scales with images: Addressing validity concerns
Laura Reynolds-Keefer, Robert Johnson, Tammiee Dickenson and Laura McFadden

The Integration of Diverse Perspectives in Counseling Practice
Adele Baruch-Runyon

Toward Equal Rights for Women in Turkey: Nonformal Education and the Law
Mary Ann Maslak

A model for alternative assessment of students' problem solving processes: conceptual and experimental validation
Rama Klavir and Malka Gorodetsky

Personality or Pedagogy: Which personal characteristics are necessary for ESL teachers to possess and what role do they play compared to formal pedagogical training in ESL teaching?
Lois N Spitzer

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