09 July 2010

Bicycles as far as the eye can see

Rows of bicycles in front of the College of 
Science and Technology, 
University of Fukui, Bunkyo Campus. 

How do most students get to university in Japan? The number one choice for travel is the bicycle. Regional commuting students who drive their cars are a minority, since most students live in private apartments and dormitories near the campuses.

Believe it or not, bicycles have created an environmental problem for crowded urban campuses: thousands of abandoned bikes left on campus. Japan's numerous urban campuses are troubled by 'sodai gomi'--large items of rubbish, such as bicycles, motor scooters, motorcycles, kitchen appliances, etc.--left by students or dumped by people over the schools' walls.

Row of bicycles in front of the College of Education 
and Regional Studies, 
University of Fukui, Bunkyo Campus

A truckload of abandoned bicycles being taken
away from Univ. of Fukui campus.

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