08 September 2010

Japan gets 10 institutions in the QS World University Rankings Results for 2010

Japan gets 10 institutions in the QS World University Rankings Results for 2010

This year it is the 'THES-less' QS rankings. THES is pursuing a different methdology with a different partner.

The results for Japan are about the same as last year with a bit of 'slippage' down in the rankings for most all the institutions. Japan does not rate any in the top ten or top twenty. Todai and Kyodai are neck-and-neck in the top 30 now. Waseda is the only private university to make the top 200.

While we can not say conclusively that Japan's university reforms of the last two decades CAUSED the deterioration of its institutions' rankings, we can say they obviously didn't help (unless someone wants to make the forlorn argument that the reforms ameliorated the deterioration somewhat).  

See link below for the full list of 200 at the QS website.


Top 30, which includes TWO universities from Japan (Toudai and Kyoudai):

1    University of Cambridge    United Kingdom   
2    Harvard University    United States   
3    Yale University    United States   
4    UCL (University College London)    United Kingdom  
5    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)    United States       
6    University of Oxford    United Kingdom   
7    Imperial College London    United Kingdom   
8    University of Chicago    United States   
9    California Institute of Technology (Caltech)    United States  
10    Princeton University    United States 
11    Columbia University    United States  
12    University of Pennsylvania (UPenn)    United States   
13    Stanford University    United States   
14    Duke University    United States   
15    University of Michigan    United States   
16    Cornell University    United States   
17    Johns Hopkins University    United States   
18    ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)  A*    Switzerland   
19    McGill University    Canada   
20    Australian National University (ANU)  A*    Australia   
21    King's College London (KCL)    United Kingdom 
22    University of Edinburgh    United Kingdom  
23    University of Hong Kong (HKU)    Hong Kong   
24    University of Tokyo, The    Japan   
25    Kyoto University    Japan   
26    Northwestern University    United States   
27    University of Bristol    United Kingdom   
28    University of California, Berkeley (UCB)    United States   
29    University of Toronto    Canada   
30    University of Manchester    United Kingdom   


THREE more Japanese universities making the top 100:

49    Osaka University    Japan  
60    Tokyo Institute of Technology    Japan   
91    Nagoya University    Japan  


FIVE more making the top 200:

102    Tohoku University    Japan   
153    Kyushu University    Japan   
172    University of Tsukuba    Japan  
175    Hokkaido University    Japan 
182    Waseda University    Japan 

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