20 May 2009

Follow Up: Japan and Egypt to start joint university of science and technology

In follow up to the blog post about the new Japan-Egypt joint university of science and technology (see: http://japanheo.blogspot.com/2009/05/japan-and-egypt-to-start-joint.html), I found the following interesting article from 2008 at a site that reports on science exchange and aid for the developing world. I speculate that the current economic crisis that is DRASTICALLY affecting Japan political economy will only further cripple government finances for overseas aid and educational spending, making the successful start up of new science and technology universities in Okinawa, Malaysia and now Egypt seem EXTREMELY doubtful.

The entire article covers how Japan has tried to step cooperation with both Africa and the Arab world by focusing on Egypt. An excerpt follows the link that goes to the full article.


>>The two countries will also set up a Japanese science and technology university in Alexandria. The Egypt–Japan University will foster technological and scientific innovation in the African and Arab region by offering undergraduate and postgraduate science and technology degrees, including information and communications technologies, new materials courses and renewable energy technology.<<

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