19 May 2009

Swine flu continues to spread, 4000 schools closed in Japan


Japan closes 4,000 schools over swine flu fears

H1N1 Spreads Rapidly Play Video ABC News – H1N1 Spreads Rapidly

Mon May 18, 11:02 pm ET

KOBE, Japan (AFP) – Japan closed more than 4,000 schools and kindergartens, double the previous day's number, to slow the spread of swine flu which has infected 163 people in the country, officials said.

Many people in the affected urban areas were wearing face masks after the western cities of Kobe and Osaka became the first in Japan to suffer domestic outbreaks of the (A)H1N1 virus which spread rapidly through two schools.

A total of 4,043 schools and kindergartens were closed in and around both cities at the request of government authorities, up from some 2,000 on Monday, an education ministry official said.



Japan reports 173 swine flu cases, closes schools

Tue May 19, 12:31 am ET

KOBE, Japan (AFP) – Japan reported 173 swine flu infections and closed more than 4,000 schools, colleges and kindergartens for the rest of the week to slow the spread of the virus, officials said.

Experts warned that infections had probably already spread to other regions including the capital Tokyo, which with almost 36 million people is the world's most populous urban area and the heart of the Japanese economy.

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