31 July 2009

Enrollment at 46% of private colleges falls below quota

About half of Japan's private four-year institutions of higher education have failed to get their government-set quotas of new enrollments. Although this sort of shortfall has become an annual event, coverage of this issue has been extensive in the Japanese language media. However, English language articles are few. The shortfalls are exacerbated by the large number of two-year colleges that have started running four-year courses of study since many of these institutions went ahead with expansion even though the population of seniors has fallen since the early 1990s. Moreover, these institutions and programs do not have well-established track records for finding jobs for their graduates, so their popularity among seniors is questionable, especially in today's high unemployment economy. Here is a link to and an excerpt from a Kyodo News article that appeared at Japan Today:


>>Enrollment at 46% of private colleges falls below quota

Friday 31st July, 03:28 AM JST


Enrollment at 265 private four-year colleges, or 46.5% of the total nationwide, fell below quota at the start of the current academic year in April, due to tough conditions amid the declining birthrate, a survey by a school support organization showed Thursday....<<

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