09 October 2009

NYT reports on the competition to get international students in Asia


excerpt (see links above for entire article online):

>> More Asian Universities Cast a Net for Foreign Students

Published: September 18, 2009

Attending a university overseas has long been an aspiration for many Chinese.

“My father said ‘Why do you want to stay in China? Open your mind, look at the world,”’ said Bao Qianqian, 25.

The predictable choice might have been Australia or Britain, where her two sisters and thousands of her countrymen have studied. But Ms. Bao decided to embark on a journey that would keep her closer to her home in the eastern Chinese city of Ningbo, improve her English while still giving her the chance to converse with Chinese speakers, and enjoy substantially lower costs.

She chose Malaysia, where she is currently a third-year business student at HELP University College, a private institution in Kuala Lumpur. <<

end of excerpt

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