09 October 2009

Universities in Japan worry about epidemics derailing entrance exams

Entrance exams and admissions applications are a big source of revenues, at least in terms of covering the costs of recruitment. So it's a big deal if an epidemic might keep applicants away from testing centers nationwide during January-March next year. The H1N1 virus is making university administrators nervous about having to run make-up tests just to make sure they get their quotas of first year students.

See the Daily Yomiuri article online for more information:



>> Universities mull antiflu measures / Fears of mass infection during examination season prompt makeup exam proposal

The Yomiuri Shimbun

University officials are giving careful thought to measures aimed at preventing transmission of the new strain of influenza at venues used for entrance exams early next year.

With an eye on a possible pandemic, some universities are considering the unusual step of introducing makeup exams for examinees infected with the new flu, even though such tests are only used by the National Center for University Entrance Exams.

Each year, more than 3 million people sit university entrance exams in the nation.

The universities are concerned that infected examinees might develop a fever during exams, and that a large number of examinees might miss tests due to symptoms caused by the new flu. << end of excerpt

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