16 February 2010

Makeover for Japan Higher Education Outlook Blog

Announcing a complete renovation of Japan Higher Education Outlook.

I have tried to un-clutter and streamline the look, in hopes that it makes the publication more reader- and web-friendly.

Please note that the main body appears on the center left. The main sidebar is on the right. There are also some interesting items appearing below the main body. The main body of the top page is limited to the 7 most recent blog updates. I have also added frequent places to click in order to get back to the top page. Also, in the future I will be publishing original material in excerpts with links to documents open to public access at Google Documents.

The sidebar on the right includes:

-Directories, listings, etc. for HE worldwide and HE in Japan

-Sites, associations, etc. for HE worldwide and in Japan

-News links on HE worldwide and in Japan

-Subscribe to JHEO


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