08 February 2010

Online tuition-free university catching on

 Business Week reports:


Tuition-Free University Gains a Following

>>   Today, the online university is fully operational, with 300 students, a growing array of course offerings, and even a recently announced research partnership with Yale University. The school is tapping into a growing market: Nonprofit institutions account for 68% of the more the more than 2 million students enrolled in online education, according to the latest estimates from Eduventures, a higher education consulting firm.  <<

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anthony said...

Since, online education are very much easy to access and to avail the different educational course program because the only main requirements that are needed are the computer gadgets and internet connection. With the convenience of online learning, it also offers an affordable educational expenditure rate compare to the campus based schools and for that, it allows individuals who came from a family of low income learners to forego their higher educational learning.

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