09 February 2010

Universities in Japan by 2010 University Web Ranking

 Japan HEO has extracted the top 20. Go to the 4icu.org site at the link below to see all 741 institutions ranked based on their website popularity. The most useful thing about this ranking is that it serves as great online directory for most of the accredited/government-certified higher education institutions (4-year plus).  


Universities in Japan
by 2010 University Web Ranking

1  Keio University   
2  The University of Tokyo   
3  Waseda University   
4  Osaka University   
5  Hokkaido University   
6  Tokyo Institute of Technology   
7  Hiroshima University   
8  Kobe University   
9  Kyoto University   
10  Nihon University   
11  Meiji University   
12  University of Tsukuba   
13  Doshisha University   
14  Hosei University   
15  Tohoku University   
16  Kyushu University   
17  Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology   
18  Nagoya University   
19  Tokai University   
20  Chuo University   

See all 741 ranked institutions at the link below:


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