08 February 2010

Private dormitories regaining popularity with Japanese university students


Private dormitories regaining popularity


>>   Private dormitories for students with a live-in caretaker are becoming popular in today's troubled times, typified by the recent murders of female college students and the spread of a new type of influenza....Living in the dormitory costs about 100,000 yen a month, including meals and administrative expenses. A certified dietitian creates menus that include about 200 different dishes a year, including various regional specialties....According to Tokyo-based Mainichi Comnet Co., which manages several student dormitories, there are about 600 private dormitories with about 45,000 rooms for students with live-in caretakers nationwide, and of them, about 340 dormitories with about 25,000 rooms are concentrated in the Tokyo metropolitan area. More than 60 percent of them are boarding dormitories. <<

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